Invasion of Place is a public art project created by Graham Klag, funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and supported by the Forest Park Conservancy to educate the community about non-native invasive plants plaguing Portland. The project is located at multiple sites around the city and focuses on the removal of five major non-native invasive species.On May 21, 2011 the first of these installation performances took place with the help of a crew of community volunteers who removed English Ivy (Hedera helix) from Forest Park. The Ivy biomass was transported to Lower Macleay Park where prefabricated structural armatures constructed from bamboo were adorned by volunteers, transforming the sculpture into a visual narrative placing the plant and its environmental impact in a historical and cultural context.The day culminated in a reception, where the work was celebrated with food and musical performances by John Hubbard of the Oregon Symphony and Heather Blackman.

Invasion of Place – English and Irish Ivy, posted with vodpod

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